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About Chris

Christine grew up in Mullet Creek, Queensland, Australia, with her two sisters under the influence of their father, the renowned multi-medium and talented artist, George Pickstone circa 1920-1994.

As a schoolgirl, Christine gained recognition as an emerging artist, gaining an Australasian scholarship to the Melbourne Art Training Institute, leaving this midway through the course to train as a nurse.

Whilst raising and providing for her family, she undertook a number of commissions in large murals, poster art, wood carving and then Totem pole carving.

On arrival in New Zealand a decade ago, Christine developed large mural trompe l’oeil works, the most notable being located at the stairway up to the architect studio of Adobe South (the renowned natural building architectural designers, aka designer of earth and strawbale eco-healthy sustainable homes).

Christine has evolved her style from the earlier “deductive creativity” form (removing material to create a finished work) to the studio potters “additive creativity” where the piece is built up and clay is added where needed. This creativity is based on extensive research to ensure the anatomical proportions are represented correctly then spun into the whimsical characters seen from real life and her imagination.

Each piece is unique and an expression of the journey stemming from her imagination and from nature.

Following the firing of the clay each piece is finished with a bronzing technique and polished with a variety of waxes and commercial finishes.

Pickstone-Redfern Penguin Statue